When Zero per cent is not your friend

With many car dealerships offering 0% financing, it can be easy to think that you are receiving an 'interest free' loan when you purchase a vehicle with this incentive. Purchasing a vehicle is a major financial decision and it pays to know a little bit about your options when it comes time to … [Read more...]

How to save money with a family fun jar

How many of you have countless change around the house, in your car or jean pockets? Any easy way to "organize" this mess is to create a family fun jar and collect that loose change for a special event. This is a great way to get the family involved in saving money and watching it grow and it is … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Self Employed Individuals

Each year more and more people are taking the leap of faith and starting their own business. Over the last 10 years, Stats Canada reported over a 12% increase in the amount of men and women becoming self employed. Here are some tips and information you may want to consider when taking that leap … [Read more...]

Finding the Balance

Do I pay down my mortgage or invest in my RRSP? Over the years, this has been a popular topic at client meetings so I thought I would share some of my opinions on the matter. The decision to pay down your mortgage or invest in an RRSP comes down to a few different factors; interest rates, rate of … [Read more...]

Protection for your family

There is no generic insurance solution that works for every families' situation. It takes time to do a proper needs analysis for a client, and figure out the gaps in coverage that may exist. When doing a needs analysis there are three parts to the equation that must be looked at: 1) … [Read more...]